Do You Need a Life Insurance Policy Review?

by James R. Westermeyer

Review Your Original Needs You may have purchased life insurance to ensure your family remains financially secure, or to bolster income during retirement. You may have acquired insurance specifically to boost employee morale, or to protect against business liabilities.

Assess Your Current Needs Today you may need less insurance, or more of it. Perhaps your children are now working adults and your own wealth has blossomed. Or maybe your career has led to projects that require added precautions and debt repayments.
Let's Review Your Current Situation Even if your circumstances are the same, interest rates may have an impact on your policy performance and premiums. It's a good idea to conduct a comprehensive insurance review every three to five years.

If something important has changed your priorities, the answer is "Yes." That's often the case when people have a new marital status, purchase a home or become a parent. Insurance also can change after buying or selling a company. Even improved health conditions and changing tax laws merit taking another look at insurance.

Is it time to review your insurance policy?
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